Do you accept credit cards for food and drink purchases?
Our ability to accept credit cards is limited, as are ATM machine. We recommend that you bring cash to help keep the lines moving.

Is this show all-ages?

Due to the beer festival element of this event it will be 21+

Can I bring a chair?
You can bring folding chairs, but they must be low-to-the-ground (seat 8″ or lower from the ground and height 28″ or lower). (Seating is provided for VIP tickets).

Can I bring food or drinks into the venue?
Outside food and beverages are NOT PERMITTED at the venue. There is plenty of great food and beverages available inside, so come hungry.

Can I take pictures or record the bands?
No photography or recording is permitted during concerts. Cameras, laptops, tablets, video and audio recorders cannot be brought into the venue. Please leave these items at home, or locked securely out of sight in your car.

Can I bring my pet ferret?
No pets are allowed in the venue except service animals.

Is there parking available?
Parking is available and there’s plenty of it.

Do general admission tickets get you a seat, or is general admission lawn seating?
The general admission area is primarily lawn, with asphalt walkways on the side. You can bring blankets or low-to-the-ground folding chairs (seat 12″ or lower from the ground and height 28″ or lower).

Is this show outside?
The concerts are held outside.

Do I need to bring blankets and lawn chairs for VIP tickets?
You do not have to bring a chair if you have VIP tickets; chairs are provided with your VIP ticket. Blankets are not provided, so if you think you will need a blanket to stay warm, you should bring one. (You will not need a blanket to sit on in the VIP area).

Are the VIP tickets assigned seats?
The VIP seating is first come, first served. There are only a few hundred of these seats, so arrive early if you want to be super close

What food and drink are available?
We have a full bar with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options.
Many of our events have local food vendors and food trucks.
Please read the Do’s and Dont’s for additional information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at